Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm awesome, yes?

Hello! Good evening.

This blog is like, DEAD. I'm bringing it back to live with my superb awesome magic >:] So basically, I'm not Mahathir. I'm a much more, AWESOMER, SEXIER, HOTTER female version of Mahathir. I am.. the legend. Okay, what the heck.

Let me show you guys something I was doing to make this blog a wee bit more less-boring. No offence :P

Okay fine. This is suchan epic failure. IT WASN'T SUPPOSE TO BE LIKE THIS! :(

What a pretty ball <3> But still o.o So lame, like whattafark.

Okay lah, I admit I'm not an interesting blogger. But still, I managed to post something, right? :)


Friday, December 4, 2009


Maha. chocovanilla. says:
*if the time in china and here is the same

- Jie Sheng says:

Maha. chocovanilla. says:

- Jie Sheng says:

thank you Shao Wei for helping update my blog earlier :P


Maha out.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hey ;D!

I'll miss you soo much! :(!

My birthday is coming up! ;) 7th 7th 7th!
Buy me loads and loads of presents :D!
I wanna feel the love in it, kay?

Saturday, November 14, 2009



won't be online much.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


aliya says:
*ninja assasin sounds gay wei

Maha. chocovanilla. says:
*its fricking AWESOME!
*he's a NINJA

aliya says:

Maha. chocovanilla. says:
*i going on my blog!



This will be a long post! muahaha.

Its been three weeks since pmr ended and i'm having the best time of my life. Going out everyday. I went to shisha at Naeb with Afiq and Jie Sheng at midnight a few nights back since they stayed over at my house. Rainforest Cafe was full of niggas :O

They were all drunk and high on weed. Anis (the bangla shisha worker) said that they like to go to rainforest cafe because it reminds them of their home in the jungle haha.

Its either been Sunway or Asia Cafe. Every. Single. Day.

I got the Left 4 Dead 2 Demo yesterday. Though it's over before you know it. It's fricking awesome. The map i played was The Parish. The new infected made the game abit harder but oh so much fun.

Watched Sorority Row and Jennifers Body.


censors ruined the movie by alot and the twist was just stupid and predictable.

Jennifer's Body Poster


An okay movie overall. Also has one of the dumbest endings ever.

A new single from Muse's new album. This song isnt that good but its catchy. I don't like that they changed their style of music in this album. The only awesome songs are MK Ultra and Uprising. The new Muse is weak. Just....weak.

Went out with Charissa, Sarah-Jane and some of their friends today. Coincidentally, my neighbour Phanit also came. Watched Jennifers Body....again -.-

Shisha'd later on. Phanit and the guys left later on leaving me, Charissa and Sarah-Jane. Then went to play pool. After that, went to go meet up with Phanit at CC. Played some CoD4 and chao'd at 6pm.


Happy belated birthday to my dear friend, Cynthia Quah.

Esther ask me copy and paste from her blog haha.

WHERE'S MAHA?! - the cutest Panda ever! manusia yang pupus, kerana the only one in the world! LOL! but.. I LOVE HIM!! :DD

1.. 2.. 3.. WOI!, his 1st word when pm me at MSN. -.-

4.. 5.. 6.. YOU LAH, PERVERT!, recently he keep calling me pervert cos' i saw his black and white boxes pattern boxer. -.- I ACCIDENTALLY SAW LAH!! wtffff? -.-

7.. 8.. 9.. LAZY LAH!, he got World Guinness Record Reward, the most lazy person. -.-

10.. 11.. 12.. GO SUNWAY, almost everyday his time spent at Sunway Pyramid. he getting more lifeless. -.-

13.. 14.. 15.. CANNOT AR?, he always says that to me when i complain stuff about him. LOL!

16.. 17.. 18.. SO LATE WAN, everytime i afk he always waited me very long time. heh! sorry lah! :P

19.. 20.. 21.. MCDONALD!!, almost everyday he took Mcdonald as lunch, dinner or supper. -.-

22.. 23.. 24.. FINE LAH!, he always merajuk by using that word.
25.. 26.. 27.. HAHAHAHA!! OFCOS!!, why he says that? cos' i pujuk him, keep telling him : Maha so cute, the cutest Maha. -.-

28.. 29.. 30.. NO NO NO!! DUN DUN DUN!!, LOLOLOLOL!! cos' i wanted to post here about : HE STALK MS.C!! HAHAHAHAHA!! *he still DUN DUN DUN!! NO NO NO!! at MSN. LOL! x)*

Esther sleeping while webcamming :P

Maha out.

Friday, October 23, 2009

bound and restricted

Maha here.

currently in Pangkor to help out mum with the hotel. I'm missing Kah Ming's Barbeque ):

Been skipping school lately. Who cares. PMR is over (:

Went to pyramid with Terence and Prasad yesterday. They went to ftz and got so bored that they decided to walk to sunway and then to my house.

I'd rate it 7/10. It could've been a perfect movie. Just that the first half of the movie has alot of boring moments and scenes that go on for far too long.

Terence and Prasad left halfway through the movie so they missed the really good parts (:


IGN gave it 8/10. I really thought that it would bomb but now I seriously wanna watch it.

Maha out.